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  • Our plans for the first half of 2015

    Since the first release of the robots a lot of work had been done: new robots, weapons, new map, also a lot of bugs were fixed. We have learned to play with platoons, to hold a new mission and how to stop Natasha on the run.

    And now, what waits robots in 2015 year! The new year starts with the long-awaited update 0.8.0.
    The date of the release - January 12.

    We play with you and get a lot of letter about some problem with the aim, so we see it too. We have some ways how to fixed it and we will start the new year with the aim testing.

    Now we are working on the regular update which will contain a new weapons and robots. In the beginning of the year you will get know with a new fraction.

    In addition to the new content we are planning to move to the new server, which will help eliminate problems with stats and no stable selection of pilots.

    And there will be a new hangar and map until the end of winter! Yeah, we have already 4 maps and it's not the end! In Spring we are planing to make a new missions with unusual game rules and unique prizes, which worth to fight for. In the middle or end of Spring you can wait for a basic clan system!

    And the greatest news - we'd like to present WWR on Android in Spring'15! Of course, balance and a new game mechanics will not be left unattended!

    And it's not the end!!

    Successful fights and a Happy New Year!

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    Great to hear all the improvements the Dev Team has been working on. Thanks for listening to the players and making WWR an even better game than it is already. We appreciate that you're paying attention to game balance and fixing some of the issues with higher level play. I can't wait for the update.


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      Originally posted by matte View Post
      In addition to the new content we are planning to move to the new server, which will help eliminate problems with stats and no stable selection of pilots.
      I hear you... I can connect only two or three times per week, mainly around 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning (when it's hard to find players either way ) and then I can play for max. 1 hour or so. so I lost most of my interest in this game (like most of my former clan mates). The rest of the time there is no connection to the server (our internet connections are perfect, any other online real time games work well). This issue was reported repeatedly by my brother who was pretty active but quit playing months ago (after spending money on in game purchases in vain), while I am still hoping for improvements. Don't let me down.


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        Great to hear! Happy New Year!


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          Any news on the Android version of this game?

          With that in mind, will there be integration between iOS and Android players? Will you be able to have a clan/platoon with a mix of Android and iOS players, and if so, how will this be integrated I the game?


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            Hi Developers and Players,

            Am from Singapore. and really like Walking War Robots, am playing it on my iPhone 6 Plus.
            loved playing FPS / TPS on my phone as I am always on the go, and seldom at home playing at pc.
            Just wanted to say how much I loved this game.
            keep it up, and keep the updates coming.


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              Can you let us know your plans for the 2nd half of 2015?
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                Yea that would be nice! Give us details on the new map!