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  • F.A.Q.

    How to control my robot and weapons?

    - Use your left tap-stick(yellow arrows) for movement
    - Slide left and right at any place of the screen to turn your robot’s tower. You can move and turn tower at the same time. Also, You can tap+hold your fire button then slide to turn tower and shoot simultaneously.
    - By the right you can see single-fire buttons(1,2) for each wielded weapon and “fire all”(3) button.

    - Blue arrows marks your allies, red arrows marks your enemies.
    - Green bar at the top-left is your robot’s durability amount.

    What should i do?
    Scroll your robots and choose one to deploy.

    - Your main objective is to dominate the sector. You can destroy all your enemies(Note: each player may have up to 5 robots to deploy in a single battle), or take control the beacons .There are five beacons in the sector(A,B,C,D,E) blue ones are controlled by your team(1), red ones are controlled by your enemy(2),gray ones are neutral(3). To capture a beacon you have to enter the beacon capture zone(gray line) and wait for beacon’s beam to change color to blue. To capture enemy’s beacon you have to wait a bit longer.
    -Topside timer shows a time before the match ends.
    -Blue and red bars at the top shows tour and enemy’s domination score. When it gets to zero, you lose(even if your robot is still functional) .The more captured beacons you have - the faster you win.

    What is the difference between chassis?
    For now, there are six different chassis(2 light, 2 medium, 2 heavy ones) with unique hardpoint configuration each. Durability, movement speed varies too.
    Why the upgrades?
    Upgrading a robot boosts its durability, energy and weight capacity and speed. Upgrading a weapon boosts it’s damage.

    How many robots can i have?
    You’ve got five robot slots and can switch robots in every slot, so, technically, there’s no restrictions on how many robots you can have.
    How to equip my robot?

    Here’s the hangar. Red is auto-repair timer. If you don’t want to wait, you can use your Silver to repair instantly. Also, you can see selected robot’s stats: Durability(1), Movement speed(2) max weight(3) and power(4) capacity.
    You can buy a new chassis(7) or change a robot in the slot(8). Green numbers are robot stats after upgrade(6). Now, to equip your robot, tap “Equip robot” button(5)

    Each robot has a unique hardpoint(1,2) setup.
    - Choose the slot you want(1 is active slot)
    - Choose a weapon you want from the store or your inventory. You can equip\unequip(14) or upgrade(15)selected weapon. Green numbers(5.1) shows you weapon damage after the upgrade. Each upgrade costs Silver and takes time, but you can complete it instantly for Gold.
    - Here’s your weapon stats: Damage per round(5), Rounds per second(6), power use(7), Rounds in a clip(8), reload time(9), weapon weight(10), Durability bonus(11), Weapon range(12)
    - Don’t forget, that robot’s max weight(4) and reactor power(3) are limited.

    What are the combat statistic?

    There are two tabs: Team(1) and Personal(2).
    Team tab shows you team members list, and team effectiveness.
    Here’s your personal score(3), then enemy robots destroyed(4) and your deaths(5).
    Downwards you can see your Silver Exp and Gold rewards.

    Last edited by Veles; 17-04-2014, 14:04.

  • #2
    When you'll make new map?


    • Veles
      Veles commented
      Editing a comment
      We're already working on that! New map will be available in one of the upcoming updates!

  • #3
    Ok!!!! Nice game, thanks a lot !


    • #4
      Thats right...this is an game with future ;-) and when we can make clans than its perfekt :-))) nice work !!!


      • Veles
        Veles commented
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        We're going to add clans in one of the upcoming updates.

    • #5
      I have to agree, this game has lots of potential... I like the details of the battle mechs and the sounds are nice as well. Now my question as newbie, I see players jumping around and couldn't figure out myself how that works, anyone a hint?


      • Veles
        Veles commented
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        Hi there! Thanks for the feedback!
        "Cossack" robot has a jumping ability.

    • #6
      Thx a lot for the quick response 👍


      • #7
        Is there a chance to make it impossible to Friendly Fire Own teammates? It's not fun if you have to keep also an eye on your teammates!!!


        • #8
          ...but it is close to reallife. There you have to controll your firelines and to be carefully too. A change to non-friendly fire will be a step back. In one way i have to agree to you. If there is a teamkiller in your team (player with a small mech attacks teammates with bigger robots in short there is no chance to survive) sucks really hard. To be out of the battle is not the only point....the following long repairtime is it what makes me angry. To fix "problems" like this is hard...i know but maybe anyone have an idea?!


          • #9
            Hello ... I think you can make the fight rounds longer... 10 minutes are ok...but when we have 4 points than the round is finished very fast ...but we will fight... i play very many games on day and any rounds are finished very fast .. it is an idea ... perhaps you think about this ;-))) i know you have very many work ... sorry for my bad shoolenglish :-D i hope you know what i mean ;-))))))))


            • Battle_Rat
              Battle_Rat commented
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              Agree with you there. Have had games finish after 3 minutes. Have yet to see a game go the full minutes.

          • #10
            We Need More player-Level... I'm Level 10 max


            • #11
              We planning add more RPG elements. It's not about increasing level cap . But at this moment it's not high priority feature.


              • #12
                I dont know why, but if i Join a Match, i cant deploy my robots. I can scroll them. but if im tipping on them nothing happened. Im using iphone 4, please help i Realy like this game (Played before on a other mobile)


                • #13
                  Hi everyone, The update so far is lovely, nice details again and the new weapons are not bad at all, just one thing I don't get. After the update my Vityaz couldn't carry the used configuration anymore, it appeared overweight. Is there any explanation for that ? I had a heavy weapon in top and two Nomricons, one on each side.


                  • #14
                    Loving this game. Im trying to figure out how some guys can jump very high in the air giving the impression of flying but as the matter of a fact i cannot do that. Also i have seen a guy getting inside of the cylindric tower close to the sector in the field. I have tried to do the same but no success. This tower is closed from any direction. The only possibility getting inside it is by jumping from the top. Any idea why that happens?


                    • #15
                      The mech named "Cossack" is able to jump. So you can reach some spots exclusivly. Of course...any players spend a lot of time by searching for bugs and glitches and they will find it sometimes. But i think what you've seen is only the regular skill of "Cossack" wich is selled for 500gold. Hope that all your questions been answered!?