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  • Carnage/zeus or Fury/zeus?

    Lately I have been in need of a fast damage dealing weapon and i came across zeus that has not only long range but fast reload time but of it to be effective i there is a need for two or more Zues leading to the robots Carnage or Fury but i cant decide which one would be more effective in Top tier. Carnage does indeed have a shield and a speed boost but when light weapon hit him he usually gets recked. Fury would be great because it is able to hold 3 Zeus and that would be very fast damage dealing. But both of this robots facing a rhino head on turn out to be in a very bad disadvantage. Please leave thoughts or opinons about this two bots

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    Zeus Fury is incredibly powerful but it's very slow to develop and defenseless in close. Zeus Carnage develops into the flow battle much more quickly due to it's speed, in my opinion more than making up the 33% reduction in damage from the Fury.

    For your consideration, at top tier many of the best pilots run 100% rush lineups. Rhino is a perfect counter to sinpers in general, as you said, and the game is about holding forward positions. Every time I run my Zeus Carnage (all 12s) I end up swapping it out for rushing bot. The fact that it requires lock on and clear line of sight to target means getting 2+ successive hits int the open field is rare vs. any decent pilot. When all your opponents are medium/heavy bots capable of busting 60-100k+ damage, 28k every 5 seconds doesn't seem so amazing.


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      Carnage Zeus is great in guild battles. Able to get into support position much faster than fury. One place where fury zeus is better is Springfield where you're pretty much always in range and in LOS and have quick cover. The point of carnage zeus is to keep pinging bots from a flanking position and force leos, roggs, stalkers, and snipers to stay in cover. You have to be adaptable in any situation, but it definitely serves its purpose very well on teams with good communication at higher tiers
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        It would seem to me that loading the same weapons on a Carnage or on a Fury is just a matter of upgrading from one to another.
        Carnage is a cheap solution until you save for a Fury.

        Actually I run a twin Thunder Carnage and altough I thought about loading twin Zeus I prefer my actual loadout. But that is a matter of choice.

        Regarding Fury. It has enough health to get into mid range combat (600m Trident or Zeus range). But as Unrated mentions, in top tier matches most of the game is decided at the frontlines. I'm a proud owner of a triple Trebuchet Fury and I use it to quick counter snipers. As it is very easy to get carried away firing from the distance I recently discovered and use a simple tactic. Once the beacon bar it is at half I throw it to the melee as shield for my teammates. Then switch to something more usefull.