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    Update: I upped my Boa to level 4 and I'm now getting my arse kicked in pretty often, though I'm still frequently on the top of the leaderboard...go figure. It must be the next tier. Tons of heavy bots and Frickin laserbeams...I did however get into a toe to toe 1v1 with a Leo with a thunder and 3 punishers...the Leo lost badly against an lms vityaz carrying suras and a thunder.


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      If you're not a full-time spawn raper but like to have a defensive flair to your game, one often overlooked and underrated bot / weapon combination for close combat is the Leo with ECC Thunder and three punishers. The punisher magazine is more than enough to face 3 enemies in a row without reloading. Fully leveled up you will beat anyone one-on-one, especially the griffins with tarans that jump at you with a "Ta-DA!" attitude, expecting to kill you, only to get shredded. Due to it's SLOOOOW speed, it's best left for defensive positions. It's vulnerability is against 2 or more enemies at once. But aren't all bots vulnerable to that? I don't have maxed magnums to compare it to, but I suppose that would work as well.

      And before anyone jumps down my throat -- I said "underrated", not "best".


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        Some of my favorites (though at bronze tier and only level 11).
        Schutze: ECC Thunder
        Gepard: 3x AT Spiral (hit and run tactics while heading for Beacons)
        Gepard: ECU 2x CRV Pin
        BOA: ECC Thunder and either ECU or AC Molat T (to give me a bit more range)
        GI. Patton: 2x CRV Pin 2x Sura-F Pinata
        GI. Patton: 2x Molat, 2x ECU (one on either side, but this is for high corridor maps)
        GI. Patton: 4x AT Spiral (this is only useful in Bronze)
        Cossack: ECU or R40M
        Vityaz: ECC Thunder 2x Pinata
        Vityaz: ECC Thundar 2x Molat
        Vityaz: ECC Thundar 2x CRV Pin
        Golem: ECC Thundar + R40M + Pinata (or switch to Thunder + Punisher T + CRV Pin for longer range)

        And I am afraid that is all I have for early silver and late bronze