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  • Rhino Nerf

    I can already hear you screaming GIT GUD. Shut up, this isn't about me. I'm already aware of the Rhino counters (flanking its vulnerable sides or spamming splash damage weapons). Thing is, most people aren't, and by most people I mean those in the game that show up in randoms, i.e. the vast majority of the game's population that I can observe.

    Right now any retard with disposable income can wade blindly across an open area with their shield up and then just mash down on the fire button and win, and they think that's skill, but I'm not impressed. I presume I'm in gold tier because I keep seeing [ARC] and [Odin] so this isn't just a noob issue. The average player is simply too stupid to flank a Rhino, and if I try myself I end up getting murdered.

    With that said, what I'm suggesting is a change to the Rhino's hard shield. The Raijin's hard shield can be destroyed with enough hits. The Rhino needs to be changed to reflect that, and so does whatever that new thing is on the test server that has a hard shield. Either that, or make the Raijin's hard shield similarly composed of Nokiatanium because it makes no sense for one built-in hard shield to survive the heat death of the universe and not any of the others.

    I can't tell you how many times half my team has gotten caught up whaling on a Rhino shield with enough firepower to kill anything six times over and it's all for naught -- it's especially bad in Shenzen when a Rhino stands in one of the narrow corridors to the courtyard because that's just a bullet magnet for the average narrow-sighted, kill-obsessed player.

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    In all honesty, even though the shield still shows it does die, even though it still looks like it is there. But I dually assure you.... It's not. Yeah, I've been less than impressed with rhino/Griffin death buttons with orkans. Not impressed in the least. There needs to be more tiers really. Someone will say, GIT GUD... Lmao. I have spent $0.00, and proud of it. More balance to the teams... Men... I won't hold my breath.


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      I don't see a problem with it the way it is. Rhino has a really decent shield, in return it's virtually impossible to move backwards under fire. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. It's a premium WSP heavy bot, one would hope it would perform like one.