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    Quick and to the point. You have ruined this game. How is it that the best bots in the game are earned with Workshop points? Where the bots that cost ACTUAL MONEY HAVE NEVER BEEN UPDATED AND ARE OUT OF DATE??? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM DUDES??? I OWN TEN GEPARDS!!!! IS IT TIME TO START ASKING APPLE FOR A REFUND? $120 VS 120 day of waiting for workshop points... I wonder which is more profitable for you guys.... ITS TIME YOU START TAKING CARE OF TRUE PAYING PLAYERS INSTEAD OF UPDATING THE STUPID GOLEM!!!! WTF!!!????
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    AND YEAH, IM NOT DONE BARKING! FURY COSTS $50!!!!!! GIVE THESE GUYS A FREAKING BREAK!!! MAKE EM MOVE FASTER THAN A SNAIL! THEY PAID $50!!!!! JEEEEZZZZZ!!!!! and I pilot LIGHT BOTS AN IM SAYIN THAT. Show some gratitude and take care of us FIRST. Not the stupid Golem!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Running 5 gepards was never logical at any point and fury is still the best sniper by a large margin Golem is so useless I never even bothered purchasing, makes complete sense to me


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        So you've spent $100+plus, on this game?

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        so you think you're better than people who haven't spent money. that's cool, good for you.
        Since I've spent over $100+plus ... what now?

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        No. It's about putting food on their table. People who have gold bots should see them get updated. This wild storm of creating newer bots is out I control. Now they got 4 legged bots comin. Is it too much to ask to have the paid bots get updated? Don't twist my words you whiny biatch

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        In defense of Pixonic (No, I don't get paid for it. Yes Pixonic, I can send my account details if you feel compelled to)
        I have to say that this is one of the few games I play wich does give you a decent amount of gold (paid currency) by capturing beacons, doing damage, daily quests and top ratings. That should count.

        Said that There are 3 "gold" bots
        Gepard 1200g
        Rogatka 2500g
        Fury 5000g

        I own all of them.
        -Fury... I disagree. The speed its just about, Slow as a narcoleptic tortoise. But 3 frigging trebs on that!!! Come on. For base sniping its just enough. And if my maths are correct would be about 35€, bit less.
        -Rogatka it is just too awesome I can't say anything bad about it.
        -But poor Gepard is just forsaken on bronce and silver leagues. Its nice that is the fastest bot on low levels. That makes twinks more often on levels wich people should be learning about the game and not suffering the abuse of unskilled and resented players.
        See 4th definition for twink but the first ones may apply too.

        Apart from the fact that Pixonic should treat better your feline friend...

        There is something you could give to your inmediate purchaseable bots wich would make them so more attracive that many more player would buy them right away.
        Lower repair rates and more silver income!!!
        It is not my idea. Comes from another game. But I'm pretty sure it is not copyrighted.
        So if I buy a Gepard plus a premium account makes a starting 14.98€ revenue from a player that likes the game. And THAT it is money.

        Pd: My good sir, Chihuahua, if you do own so many gepards. Why not get a couple of rhinos a leo and start your own wild animal reserve?
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          Gimme a freaking break. You paid $50 for fury but have no problem watching free rhinos run by you at 50mph yeah right. Just a few mph more would make that bot so much better. Gepard means cheetah in German. Is it the fastest bot? Yeah.... Rog should jump high as griffs


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            Yeah but those rhinos do not realize their mama is as fat as my Fury.
            Have a kitkat, u deserve it.

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            A health upgrade would help a gepard especially in high tiers. It is a nice gold bot but I expected more for it.


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              Agree. Gepard has no response to Fury triple Trebuchet and makes it basically unplayable on the maps with open spaces (Yam, Springfield, Canyon). For Dead City and Schenzen though is pretty solid.