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  • Ξ✪Ξ Thê PRĪĐĒ Ξ✪Ξ³ Recruiting!

    Specifically, we are currently recruiting for our Pride 3 clan. Pride 3, known in-game by this tag [Ξ✪Ξ ], consists of primarily Silver Tier players who are concurrently building Gold hangars, but also supports Gold and Bronze play. We are currently a Top 150 clan, but we're primarily interested in quality people first, and things like trophy count second. We do want active players however. Though we are steadily moving up the ranks, we also like to communicate with our members, BS, and generally have a good time.

    We use the Line App to coordinate what we do and strongly encourage members to get it. We also use Razer Comms to communicate in-game. So, if you are someone who likes a bit of community, is active and plays hard (particularly in the Silver Tier), and wants to help us push a bit further up the rankings, please let me know and we can see if you'd be a good fit for us and we for you. We also offer quite a bit of mentoring and help with line-ups, tactics, and general guidance, for those who need it, from our core veteran players.

    Contact me here via this thread, or PM, and I'd be glad to speak with you. Please provide me with the following when you make contact:

    In-game Name
    Player ID
    Screenshots of Your Best Match Results

    Pride 3 Clan ID: 10969

    Contact Me Via the LINE Application at .raken.

    Check us out on G+

    [Android Platform]

    Γ Λ Ж Σ И
    Ξ✪Ξ Thê PRĪĐĒ Ξ✪Ξ³
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    We are currently looking for just ONE more player to fill out our roster. Additional slots may open up in the near future. We'll update this thread when that happens.


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      Is LINE the LINE:Free Calls & Messages app?


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        Yes. You can contact me there. My Line ID is: .raken.


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          ok thanks.


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            Currently looking for ONE skilled, active player. Leave a reply or PM here, or contact me on the Line app at: .raken.


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              IGN:Newtypes ID:SM8GLE


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                Full at this time. Check back with us soon.


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                  the thing is with me, i already have the stars and bars in game and line, so if a spot opens up, contact me as soon as you can


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                    You dare deny me of a place in the clan, eh, fine with me, I did have technical difficulties when I was in the original clan so it's probably why you've never heard of me, I learned a lot from them