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  • Got my butt handed to me tonight lol.

    Think I just hit the top tear? Normally I can hang but today it's been total devastation. ;-) time to upgrade again.

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    Top tier is still loaded with a large number of pilots running silly lineups. You'll be fine
    Getting matched up against clans as a random squad will be pretty rough though...


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      I'm in a clan but still no real contact with them. But still not thinking lvl 8 & 9 weapons are going to hang. Doing a lot of hit and run right now to survive. One good thing a lot of people only shoot at what's in front of them.


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        you're right level 8 and 9 weapons are a problem for top tier. I have no idea how the match matching algorithm is working these days, but I'm surprised you've been bumped to the top unless you're running high level bots and some weapons 10 and higher. If you haven't narrowed in on your lineup top tier is like a forcing function.

        And in reference to clans there are really only a few to pay attention to. If you play on the regular you know who they are ... they play A LOT and when they roll 4+ deep it's game over. It's not like they're unbeatable, but they run smart lineups and work together. It's just that when your team has two guys opening Carnage Trebuchet you've already lost.


        • Sharg58
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          Think bots are the issue running lvl 10 & 11 bots but I've noticed if I run lvl 9 & 10 it's not a problem. Wepon loading effects it as well. Carnage with Trebuchet works well if you use mobile artillery tactics. Like a mobile Howitzer unit. Hit and move, if they just stand there people will get out of your line of fire. If you keep moving you can do some good because you can change angle. Lol my Dad ran 144 mm moble in Korea. They hit location unloaded 10 rounds in 90 seconds and moved and did it again. They just didn't sit still and fire. I think of Carnage as a half track, can take a hit bit not many.
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