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  • Fujin and Raijin

    The fearsome robot gods of wind and thunder are here, yay!!!

    My first impressions:

    Recommended triple Orkan or Taran. 3 light hardpoints. Hydra could be interesting but it would make players to stay too still. Nice for defending beacons, bad for capturing them. Taran seems the best option for me.
    -Skill (Sentry):
    Ancile type. 4 seconds cooldown. The shield is up pretty much once you use it. With a great recovery rate in compare with Carnage.
    With a speed of initially 32km/h seems ok. Hopefully it would improve with upgraded levels. As there are loads of energy weapons in play and this robot needs to take cover too.
    Great for new and mid term of the game. I don't know how it will performe in higher levels.

    Recommended twin Trebuchet. 2 heavy harpoints. Looks to me it is build in purpose to counter the massive amount of twin Trebuchet Carnages there are. Even twin Trebuchet seems the best option I would consider twin Trident and twin Zeus too.
    Currently running it with twin Thunder but with the staggering speed of 20km/h doesn't seem a good option.
    -Skill (Bastion):
    Same as Rhino. 4 seconds cooldown. The shield comes up after about 2 seconds. Haven't fully tested the amount of damage that it can take. Great turret turning speed.
    The fact that it can shock damage and hit hard it makes me wonder if we are going to see lots of these in the future. Specially in maps as Yamantau and Springfield. Maybe even outdate Fury as sniper.

    Both have a very nice look and a weird spider like movement with their legs hanging everywhere. What it makes me think if Pixonic works on the maps it could climb some slopes and other minor obstacles. That would be sooooooo cool.

    In general a great adittion to the game. Gives a new approach to the maps and a lot of new tactics for clans to develop.

    Thanks Pixonic.